Founder Principal Message

Damkada Higher Secondary School was established in 1956 AD.aiming to provide the quality and practical education in the rural area. After the restoration of Democracy, people were active to establish school. I still remember the people who happily contributed their jewels, labor and financial support. Our school also started working with the blind or disable students in 2056 BS. Then, the school tried to get access with poor and disable people. Consequently, school has got the name, fame and popularity not only in the district but across country.In the interest of discipline, it is necessary to provide the necessary facilities for studying and teaching in the school. It has been seen that the students become aggressive or destructive if they are left idle. Usually the students become more destructive if the school can’t provide the necessary means for physical, mental and moral development.The standard of teaching in the school should be of higher degree. I hope our school will achieve every success for getting the norms of quality education and disciplined students.
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